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the Senate = leadership of New Rome, actually a bunch of sentient Cie'th, thirteen total

Throne of the Senate = meeting room, holds Seat of New Rome/throne, quadruple-tiered, can fit thousands
Throne of the Senate's Cloister = "not a place of intense worship, but rather an observation room that held the Senate's most advanced of technologies"

Senator Black (Peter) = leader
"He is resonating with the crystal and crystal remnants inside of you-- Bringing out the weakness and the darkness within all of us"
Aeroga, Shellra, Protectra, Haste, Wall, Regen, Invincibility Paling, Aura, and Heroic Presence
eerie blue rune = Moon-Cryst
died during final battle on Skyscar

Senator Grey = old

Senator Violet (Philip) = very popular, helped the economy, 'VIOLET = TRANSPARENCY' banners
died during the assault on Cocoon?

Senator Green = green eyes, newest?

Senator Red = young, misogynist

Senator Blue (Matthew) = killed and dumped in Noctis' car by Charlie

Senator Pale = one of the younger (age of being turned) Cie'th

all Senators 4,000+ years old

King Lucis Caelum = Noctis' father

Erigone Caelum = Noctis' mother, murdered by Black?, "died in childbirth", seeress, communed with Etro to reveal the need for God Armor

Goddess Etro = "It's a religion/deity created by the Xenolith to give people the spiritual strength needed to endure its assault. It's just a method of encouragement. And then it's used to mock Hope/Noct later on; after that, Etro is tossed away, Xenolith doesn't need it anymore."
Etro was set up before the Nothing actually assaulted Novus. "Etro was basically the force that told them that Xenolith was evil--imagine having no knowledge of good/evil. You'd just bow to the greater power. Xenolith didn't want them to submit. It needed them to fight.
" So the Xenolith's components would get stronger and make a stronger Nothing."
"Yep. And the end of LoL is when it knows that, the next time Hope and Noct fuse together to form the new Nothing, that entity that is created will be strong enough to break out of the verse."

God Armor = machina to keep the Crystals contained, Corruption filtered out

Crystal Purge = removal of Crystals from Novus
"You.. are the descendants of Novus' greatest minds. Scientists, doctors, engineers, pilots-- Those tasked with accompanying the fal'Cie on their journey to Pulse. Tasked with establishing civilization on Pulse, repairing the armors of the Crystals, and ensuring the safety of Novus."
"As the arks touched down om Pulse, .. the machines commanded the Crystals to destroy the arks. ::Her eyes slammed shut.:: --And to destroy their caretakers."
Black edited the God Armor to kill everyone!

Ivory Queen = had a daughter she wanted Noctis to marry

the Nine = international entity for keeping peace between nations; "The crafting of the Nine is Election by Adoration--essentially, a majority vote between each of the attending nations. There is no per nation requirement or cap; two members of, for example, Electrica could be elected by majority and that would be just fine." Enclave to elect members of the Nine, which are named in the Bestowment ceremony

Novus = Noctis' planet

New Rome (New Romans) = Noctis' city, City of Neon, Kingdom of Chrome

New Roman Knighthood
Roman Army

Castle Orbis = center of New Rome
Spaceport = in the desert, considered part of Castle Orbis
The Fabula Nova Tube = "stretched from the Spaceport to the uppermost layers of Novus' atmosphere"
"The tube could not only eject ships and satellites at speeds approaching speed of light--it could receive them as well; offer them a safe and swift landing, unhindered by Novus' corrupted, catastrophic atmosphere."

Church of the Forever Prince = big Gothic-style cathedral from trailers, with a clocktower nearby (Forever Prince Bell)

Aquarius = bar with fish tanks in Castle Orbis

Green Light = bartender Andrew, serves the Jellyfish

Kungen of Novisida, sponsored by Electrica--Are YOU Ready To Be Shocked? (TM)
HOLOCRYST, ROUND 9! Sponsored by the National Committee for Cornelius' Resignation. Do YOU want to die? Vote Canapercus! /I am Canapercus Lidas, and I approve of this message./
Holocryst Competition = organized to distract people "from the sound of the Roman Army shooting out of the Spaceport to destroy the Divide and invade an alien planet"

Cryst Shards (see below)

the Corruption = caused by the Nothing (U-DO), who infected the Crystals that protected Novus against effects of the Nothing
"That is Corruption. The inability to create, and the desire to destroy. Though your body and mind will deteriorate, your power will only grow."

Virulet Desert = where Luxenburg crashed

Verdant Absence = rocky area on outskirts of Tenebrae

Cartha (Carthians) = most prosperous city on Novus, only city ruled by a crystal (Hannibal Crystal/Barthanelus), destroyed by New Rome
"Cartha--Hannibal refused to be moved. And so I [the Moon-Cryst] searched the Senate for the perfect warrior; the catalyst that would bring Cartha to its knees and make it submit. Peter, Andrew, James, fall. John, Philip, Matthew, all. Thomas, Thaddeus, Simon, Judas--useless."

Cameron = hero from war against The Nothing, killed by Ethan

Electrica (Eletians), the Surging City = Kujata Cryst Shard, Eletian Pop Tarts
Teslon, member of the Nine

Luxenburg, the Chariot of Fire (Luxords) = Phoenix Cryst Shard
Sid Luxenburg

Ezra, the Land of the Ancients (Ezra's Witnesses) = Hand of Ezra, the Judge and judges, Eden Cryst Shard

Argo, Etro's Bounty (Argonians) = small town, agriculture, Carbuncle Cryst Shard, political leader Archeron
Cornelius, member of the Nine
Apple, Skip

Sadiri (Sadirites) = rude Arabic nation, Dahaka-Cryst/Dahaka Cryst Shard
Grand Crusader, assassinated by Godhand
Izra Mehenejad, political leader

Tenebrae (Tenebrans), the Golden City = Stella's kingdom, Tenebrae's University of the Arts (UA), Kess Theater/re (pronounced 'chess'), Ensing Bridge, Etro's Grace (farmlands), Ensing River, Ensing Heights (upscale residential), Castle Tenebrae, Castle Tenebrae's Amphitheater w/ Fighter's Pit
currency = til, quents (shattering 1)
Tenebran Supreme Court = assembles in Etro's Court
Tenebratours = tour guides
the Nightingale = warship
Tenebra Dungeons

People in Tenebrae are a mix of real and fake/projections, but all of them are l'Cie of Barthandelus


Northern Novus Sea

Supreme Judge Victor

Judge Samanthine

Judge Beregond

Judge Parnelius

Intrepoles = gladiator

Stella Nox Fleuret/Princess Tenebrae/Your Grace/"Nox"

Geradine Republic = Bismarck-Cryst
Zephyr Resla, political leader

Israk = ???

Chelbi = ???

Cloudspring = ???
Aston, member of the nine

Occam = lone survivor of Luxenburg, assassin, razorblades, l'Cie of Barthandelus, focus: steal the Phoenix Cryst shard from Sid, Alexander eidolon, commits suicide in final battle
reunites with Sid (his father) in final battle

Charlie = gun-toting, blonde friend

Alex = car-driving, glasses friend

Darius = burly, scarred friend

Damika = random prostitute

Saibur = guy with Melchimog in Tenebrae

Melchimog, a moogle = legendary swordsmith

Moon-Cryst, the Last Flawless = moon in the sky, actually a giant fal'Cie, the egg that the Nothing incubates inside of prior to its release every 10k? years

Sol's Star = bright orange star, as seen from Novus, in reality it's Pulse

Orphans = people of Sol's Star

DREADNOCHT = airship
The Gradius, the Ikaruga, the Einhander = other units/ships

Etro Watches = exclamation of surprise, excuse me, blessing, etc.
Etro Has Seen = I don't know, Noctis says it when he signs the Contract's end; unconsciously admitting he's the Nothing
Etro Watch You = Black says it, seems like a threat, foreboding, may God have mercy on your soul
for Etro's sake = for god's sake
Etro be blind = outrageously offensive, heretical vulgarity
Etro Watches Us = this is an important moment
Etro Watch Us = oh my god, holy fuck
oh Etro = oh god
in Etro's name = emphasis
Etro Receive Him = he's with god now

"darkplay" is just a fancy term for tendrils of darkness and shit

the Divine = the home of the gods, where ether/etc. originates
Luminous, Stout, Sage, and Fool

the Contract = binds people into Godhand, group of assassins with Noctis at the lead, routinely executed/"sacrificed" so they won't spread the information they know I guess

Noctis Lucis Caelum, the Forever Prince of New Rome, Legacy of the Late King = a l'Cie of the Moon-Cryst (half-human, half moon-cryst lightplay), has been alive for a long time, used by the Senate for so long that he's simply accepted it and started to forget things, manipulated by the Senate into killing his father, everyone is a pawn of the Moon-Cryst
"Hope Estheim", Noctis' Focus, steadied in front of Noctis' eye
operates the thirteen swords that float around him, Malthus is his favorite (engine sword from trailers)

Godhand = assassins, Noctis got rid of the bodies (and others that wouldn't attract attention) by beaming them up to the Moon-Cryst, used as a power source

Glenn Beck of NOX News

Connie Chung

Merryweather, Flora, Fauna = New Roman tailors


Palumpolum = Hope's city

Major Kai Rosch = early friend of Hope's from school, Yaag Rosch's cousin, became part of the military (PSICOM, was close to Yaag and Jihl), mostly designed weapons and ships like Proudclad, trained pilots on their use

Elida Karmic = early friend of Hope's, wanted to be a singer, eventually became one?

Lebreau Montague

Palamecia = big airship they took to Oerba

Archylte Steppes = I can't fucking spell this

Rygdea Thompson = military guy, friend/comrade of Cid's, fucking hard to spell

Taejin's Tower = Paddreans were imprisoned in Taejin's Tower after Blood Sky War
"a high tower" = Black to Anima: "Those who resisted [being your l'Cie] were locked away in a high tower; you watched them turn to Cie'th with glee and you experimented with them. How to create the perfect monster, how to fill Pulse with the most terrifying, mutated of beasts; former friends, made scarecrows for the Incognita."

Maddy/Madeline Katzroy = Sazh's wife, died before the story, SH2-style smothered by Sazh because of a degenerative disease, actually a poison (Dystopil) given by Jihl Nabaat
Jihl and Sazh had an affair and Jihl went crazy-possessive
Jihl also led Dajh to the fal'Cie to be marked/taken

Dystopil: "You.. know that pain well, don't you, Snow? You and the other orphans were administered Dystopil at one point or another, during its experimental stages. --One of Barthandelus' backup plans; a virus capable of going airborne, in the event the Sacrifice did not work. That man has more aces up his sleeve than I do. How does it feel, Snow? To know that your survival meant the death of Lightning's mother?"

Joskey = random soldier

Eye of the Sanctum

GC-BSR = Guaridan Corp Bodhum Security Regiment

General Davis of GC-PSD = douchebag general with red font, orders the former l'Cie rounded up, gets killed in Nutriculture Complex

Crystal Ascent = crystal pillar

velocycle = floating motorcycle things
veloboard = electric skateboard
polyrover = land rover
netvision = television
holofinder = hologram viewfiner
ether bombs

Pulsian Ocean = one ocean on Pulse, which is mostly land

Oerba's Crystal Peaks
Lake Oerba = water beside Oerba, has the First Ark
First Ark = Seat of the Vestige, where Anima's Vestige once sat

Butterfly = biggest PSICOM airship

fal'Cie AB521.004 = Titan, Earthmother and Earthfather

Phoenix = light-providing, 'sun' fal'Cie

Kujata = electricity fal'Cie, died when the Skyscar/etc. crashed into Pulse b/c of Black's attack

Bismarck = whale fal'Cie of Pulse

Atomos = buzzsaw fal'Cie of Pulse

Dahaka = flying pearl fal'Cie of Pulse

Gran Pulse, Sol's Star = Pulse's Ring

the Divide = wall between Pulse and Novus

Final Focus = supposedly, the final Focus that a fal'Cie will grant prior to releasing a l'Cie

Eden forbid = god forbid
oh Eden = oh god
Hallowed Pulse = oh my god, surprise, shock
in the name of Lindzei = Jesus Christ, etc.
thank the Maker = thank god
and Eden knew what else = and god knew what else (used in lists)
in Pulse's name = for god's sake

Etro's Word Is Absolute = King Aeon's final words, spawned religions

Paddra (Paddreans) = Paddrean Archaeopolis was an enemy of Oerba

Blood Sky War = fal'Cie led by Barthandelus declared war on Paddra, fucked up everyone
NPCs from flashback: Rin (l'Cie)

oretoises, Adamantortoise, Long Gui, adamanchelid

Pulse Incognita = undiscovered, unmapped regions of Pulse; hellish
Pulse Incognita: Volcanica Firelands

Haeri Etherscape = had an ark where Zodiark was imprisoned

the Blight = Pulse dying
"When you destroyed Orphan you FREED the crystals!! They're corrupted, Fang! Their armor-- The machines were suppressing their power!! You and your friends are the cause of Pulse's rot; that's what crystals do; they're supposed to keep everything in order, but they stop working correctly when they're broken!"

Bartholomew Estheim (Bart), Galenth Dysley, Barthandelus, Hannibal Crystal, Menrva (rukh/roc bird)

Bodhum Bean Buns

Seventh Ark, Ninth Ark, Tenth Ark, Eleventh Ark etc. = spaceships of the Paddreans

The Skyscar, Paddrea (space station/Thirteenth Ark) = Observatory, Umbrella Beach (part of the Crystal Wing), Royal Courtyard, West Wing, Hope's Extent

mechanical body extension units = Gears

IFF Signal

War of Transgression = 500 years before FF13
Blood Sky War = 3,000 years before FF13
the Nothing's advent = 4,000 years before FF13

Zodiark, fal'Cie of Paddrea, another Flawless

Eden = Carbuncle, Kujata, Phoenix

The Forever King, Esper = Crystal Cutter boomerang

Aeon, King of Paddra = Esper's father

High Secondary Viceroy-In-Chief, Sainted Knight of the 42nd Paddrean Fleet, in Memory of Aeon, Rest His Soul: Mog
Viceroy Mog

Post-Paddrean Mogrian History -> Flame Leviathan chased moogles out

Common (Cocoon)

fal'Cie Armor = "fal'Cie Armor was invented. Mechanical computer systems capable of attaching themselves to Corrupted Crystals and controlling them--keeping them from spreading their corruption. With the fal'Cie Armor, the crystals were able to create and maintain, just as they had always done. .. but the fal'Cie were still corrupt on the inside; their mechanical bindings only prevented them from unleashing their desire for destruction. It did not change their chaotic wills."

"I was part of the plot to shed the Cocoon fal'Cie of their bondage. I, too, worked with Barthandelus to turn Cocoon into a Sacrifice--to connect myself, a process that took over a thousand years, to Orphan. When Orphan was destroyed, we were freed; our Armor shed, we now flood Pulse with corruption."


electrodispersion tool = looks like a handgun, used to restart either the brain or heart

cryostasis chamber

crystal cryostasis = crystallization of a l'Cie, "exists solely to protect a l'Cie until he is ready to fulfill his next Focus."

Cie'th Crystarium

Pulse's New Sacrifice

Hope can't use healing spells (as of Perchance to Dream 2) because of Corruption
He also loses his crystal boomerang forever in
Hope's birthday is September 20

Gravity Nova
CTD = Compact Teleportation Device
Aegisol--Protectra, Shellra, and other defensive buffs
Ampga--amplified spells
Twin Thrones: Noctis and Hope, Twin Kings
Vitruvius: an architectural think tank that brought the brightest engineers of Paddrea and Novus together to deal with the reality of their changed worlds. The Zodiark and Moon-Cryst did a lot with just its protective presence, but there were still gravitational anomalies and other difficulties to overcome. The Crystal Ascent, for example, had been a product of Vitruvius' wild imaginations. It was probably [Kai's] greatest design yet.

why did they lose their brands on Novus? = because the Final Focus was to save Pulse?

did Xenoverse notice when Hope and Noctis broke in?


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